Peace and rush are the two words that are derived from the music played with this instrument. Most of the times your heart feels healed when you listen to violin and other times it‘s used in for depicting rush and fast pace. Sometimes it‘s also used in pacing dancing melodious tunes.

Violin is also called a fiddle. It is a string instrument normally with four strings tuned in perfect fifths. It is small in size but is the highest pitched member of the violin family including viola, the cello and the string bass.

The person who plays violin is called a violinist or a fiddler. The fiddler produces sound by drawing a bow across one of more strings, by plucking the strings with either hand or by various other techniques. Violins are used in varied music genres as baroque music, classical, jazz, country music, blue grass music, folk music, metal, rock and roll and soft and alternate rock. Violins are also largely used in Indian classical style of music.

Violins are available in different style and types.

Acoustic Violin: – A vibrating string on its own makes only a very quiet sound, so the string instruments are usually constructed in such a way that this sound is coupled to a hollow resonating chamber. On the violin the tout strings pass over a bridge resting on a hollow box. The strings vibrations are distributed via the bridge and sound post to all surfaces of the instrument which makes loud noises. The arched shape, thickness of the wood, governs the sound of a violin.

Acoustic violas: – It is a bow shaped string instrument. It is slightly larger than a violin and has a lower and deeper sound than a violin. Music released from viola differs from most of the stringed instruments as it primarily uses alto clef which is rarely used. It plays a major role in orchestral music.

Acoustic Cellos: – It is a bowed string instrument with four strings and belongs to violin family. Acoustic cellos are used in solo performances, in chamber music, symphony orchestras and rock bands. It is the second largest bowed string instrument.

Silent Viola: – A silent viola is no different from acoustic viola; however it is amplified and can be used and played with the headphones plugged in without disturbing others largely used for live performances and also in music studios.

Silent Violin: – Silent violin is just like the usual violin and is a stringed instrument with four strings. It allows the player to use headphones hooked, which allows the player to play it without disturbing other people. These are largely used in solo performances, practicing music and in music studios.

Silent Cello: – Silent cellos just like the cellos being a four string instrument belong to the violin family. Silent cellos are largely used for practicing music without disturbing other people as they are amplified and allows to be plugged in headphones.

Silent Bass: – Silent bass is the perfect instrument for the bassist. The detachable frame, compact design and superior electronics offer the sound and feel of a acoustic upright bass violin. It is portable and low maintenance electric instrument. It allows amplification and plugged in head phones allows the player to use it without disturbing people around.