About Us

Magic Tune Academy is located in the musical souls of Ahmedavadis and nearby places. It is a music academy having a complete designed studio for recording and huge range of instruments for composing music and teaching the same. Magic Tune Academy has three dimensions i.e. ACADEMIC, RECORDING STUDIO & COMPOSING MUSIC.

ACADEMY @MagicTune teaches you the sur, taal and the divinity of rhythm present in music. This initiation by Hardik Joshi the soul behind this academy has been a boon for the music lovers in Ahmedabad. Magic Tune academy makes a unique and enduring contribution to the world of music by growing with a vision to advance the development of musicians in the western part of India too.

RECORDING STUDIO @Magic Tune has the latest technology set up and sound system to record songs, music and BGM of any level. It is a complete studio which can be used for recording music of all genres. Many songs, bgm & fossils are created and recorded here and this platform has given lot of exposure to the newbies as we believe in spreading the light and air of music around.

COMPOSING MUSIC @Magic Tune has this unique skill of art of composition of new rhythms and flow of music. Music composing at Magic Tune is a complete soul redefining experience in itself. The academy not only teaches us to think creatively but imbibe in us the uniqueness of composing and creating music. It reforms a personality completely so as to start thinking in tune with melody.