We all must have heard military bands. One of the most commonly used musical instruments during army parades is Saxophone also known as Sax. Known for their loud noises, hence used in army parades. It was basically designed for military bands. Saxophone was designed in 1846 by Adolphe Sax.

Saxophones are usually made of brass and played with a single-reed mouthpiece. They are mostly used in classical music, concert bands, chamber music and jazz music apart for largely used in military bands. The players of this instrument are called Saxophonist.

Saxophone is also commonly used in jazz music. And is one of the signature sounds. It is also a very famous musical instrument in dance orchestras.

There are varieties of saxophones available as per the music that needs to be created.

Soprano saxophones: – It is a higher register variety of saxophone and is the third smallest member of saxophone family. Soprano saxophone is widely used for solo performances and chamber instrument in classical music; however it is also used in dance orchestra. It has also played a significant role in evolution of jazz music.

Alto saxophone: – Also saxophone is a member of the saxophone family of woodwind instrument. It is smaller than tenor but larger than the typical soprano. These two are the most commonly used saxophones. It is also commonly used in classical music, concert bands, chamber music, solo performances, military bands, and jazz.

Tenor saxophone: – It is a medium sized woodwind instrument of the saxophone family. The tenor saxophone uses a larger mouthpiece, reed and ligature than also and soprano saxophones. It is easily distinguished by the bend in its neck, or its crook near the mouth piece. It is commonly used in genres like classical music, concert bands, chamber music, solo performance, military bands and jazz.

Baritone saxophone: – Baritone saxophone is also known as Bari sax and is one of the largest members of saxophone family. It is the lowest pitched saxophone and is commonly used. The baritone saxophone is commonly used in classical music, solo performance, military band, marching band and jazz. It is a standard member of concert band and saxophone quartet.