Creativity at our doorstep

I have been into music industry since a decade now, after finishing my music qualifications, I started exploring and learning music. Although I wouldn‘t say I master it now but yes I am a music teacher to all my students who adore me. The creativity of music comes within, it wasn‘t a lesson being taught and forced in me to excel, and rather it was a spirit which kept me ignited to learn more n more. It has been m cherished desire to fine-tuning my own skills and imparting the best music education to my students.

I believe at Magic Tune, the creativity I have felt and innovated came to me as a blessing, although this blessing made me do lot of practice myself, but it also encouraged my desire to create music. When I began my career in this industry I had this blessing and some professional qualification for the same, usually which every individual has while taking up a job or business.