Music in veins

Some learn music, some teach music; some listen to music whereas some compose music. I being one of the smallest parts of music industry have Music all in my veins. I love singing, playing music, composing new rhythms, teaching and learning as well. Music cannot be learned in few days or months, it is a meditation to be continued for life long. It purifies your heart and soul and then makes you compatible to invent new rhythms.

Music has many flavors, and each flavor has a unique taste which musicians choose to opt in their career. Some like classical, some like western, bhajans are loved by some and sufi ignites some. Having different genres of music, there is an unlimited scope to learn it. I have a combination of all at my academy. Students from various backgrounds and tastes enjoy learning different music and making it their passion.

Music flows in my veins and hence I explored various ways to keep music around me. Academy gives me the company of innocent music lovers those who learn music from me and share their experiences. Recording studio exposes me to the world of variety in music, where different film makers and music composers use my studio and give me quality time and experience to be with them. My zeal to compose quality music makes me dream the music fantasies and enlightens the artist in me. Music has been my first love and the last too as so far I have not come across anything more delightful than music to me.